Movie – The Seventh Seal

FYI- I only write about movies that I believe should be watched, though no star ratings will be given. This is a movie review to go along with any future Swedish dishes I make. The Seventh Seal is currently available on The Criterion Collection.

It is a very deep movie and is not just a senseless movie like one of my favorite actor’s (Adam Sandler) movies. It is has comedy, both light and dark, but maintains a serious tone throughout. The whole movie is in Swedish but has English subtitles.

The movie has a strong base in religion, so a decent knowledge of The Bible is useful given the prominence of religion being common.

Death started to play chess with the main character, and the game is continued at different places through the movie, ending at the journey’s end (the main character’s home). The group of 2 grows from the beginning as the heroes progress through Sweden to their destination.

The main themes are death, religion, and sickness.

Anyways, I may not be a professional movie reviewer, but if you would like a Swedish night, this is a great addition.

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